Hi, I'm Leon. I make awesome things

I'm a part-time freelance developer and a full-time student.
I work primarily with PHP and JavaScript, but am also proficient in Java and C++.

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I spend most of the free time I get tinkering with code. My personal projects range from JavaScript and HTML websites to Arduino Home Automation scripts. I am currently making an effort to publish more of my work under open source licenses. Some of my more polished work can be found on my GitHub:

Freelance work

I have been contracted for multiple projects, ranging from personal websites to full-featured company web applications. Work experience includes both part-time and full-time internships. Please refer to my portfolio below.


I assume multiple leadership positions, both in my personal life and my online presence. I am proficient at handling last-minute conflicts as well as interacting with large audiences.


I am constantly working with code, creating tools to help me in my daily life. I create responsive websites, web-services, and other cool stuff.

Selected Projects

PocketMine Banners

Tool that dynamically generates PNG banners with server info by querying MCPE servers. Currently closed source and in PHP. Developed with @falkirks.


System I designed to allow classmates to apply to school clubs quickly and painlessly. I also created a club management system that allows for easy management of attendance, finances and more


Simple tool created for easy searching of economic term definitions from the McConnell Brue Economics textbook. Open source on GitHub.


Small game I whipped up using GreenFoot for my AP Computer Science A course.

Work Experience


Designed a web-based water pump control panel alongside researchers at the Industrial Technology Research Institute. Created a frontend system that will be used to monitor and control over 50 pumps in Tainan, Taiwan with real time pump status tracking.


Summer internship at National Tsing Hua University's Networking and Multimedia Systems Lab. Enhanced and customized a GUI for a Software-Defined Network project. Helped to deliver a demo to the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan.


IBSH Computer Programming Team

Vice President of IBSH's CP team. I lead and prepare the team for national and international competitions as well as teach a weekly 1 hour-long programming class.

Master of Ceremonies

I've emceed over 6 large-scale school events in the past 2 years. Involves managing and entertaining large crowds.

Get In Touch

Got any questions? Need support? Feel free to pop me an email or find me on twitter.