Hi, I'm Leon.

I'm a student at Carnegie Mellon University with a passion for full-stack web development.
I work primarily with PHP and C/C++, but am also proficient in JavaScript.

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I spend most of the free time I get tinkering with code. My personal projects range from JavaScript and HTML websites to Arduino Home Automation scripts. Some of my work can be found on GitHub.


I assume multiple leadership positions, both in my personal life and my online presence. I am proficient at handling last-minute conflicts as well as interacting with large audiences.


I am constantly working with code, creating tools to help me in my daily life. I create responsive websites, web-services, and other cool stuff.

Selected Projects

PocketMine Banners

Tool that dynamically generates PNG banners with server info by querying MCPE servers. Currently closed source and in PHP but transitioning to Node.JS. Developed with @falkirks.


System I designed to allow my high school classmates to apply to school clubs quickly and painlessly. Includes a club management system that allows for easy management of attendance, finances and more.


Simple tool created for easy searching of economic term definitions from the McConnell Brue Economics textbook. Open source on GitHub.


Simple online tool that uses Google Natural Language Processing APIs to analyze texts and replace nouns, verbs and adjectives with synonyms. Made for HackCMU '18.

Work Experience


Returning intern at the Industrial Technology Research Institute at which I worked on fully autonomous vehicles alongside a team of 30 researchers. Wrote, tested and deployed a driver package to integrate the Delphi ESR radar, parsing raw CAN messages to digestible detection tracks.


Part time Linux programmer for the Mellon College of Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Currently assisting the Director of Scientific Computing with developing internal projects such as an inventory management system for the Department of Mathematical Sciences.


CMU IEEE Chapter

Current Chair of the Corporate Committee of CMU's IEEE chapter. Responsible for coordinating and hosting events with companies interested in recruiting ECE students.

IBSH Computer Programming Team

Former Vice President of IBSH's CP team. I lead and prepare the team for national and international competitions as well as teach a weekly 1 hour-long programming class.

Get In Touch

Got any questions? Need support? Feel free to pop me an email.